A CleanTechies roof deck Happy Hour this Wednesday….


… brought to you by CleanTech Human Capital and Renewable Analytics. Since we had such a good time last time, we’re doing it again. Expect the same: great beer and even better company, from 5:30-8:00.

The weather promises to be nice (around 75 degrees) and we should have another nice sunset. Relaxed and casual – we’ll have plenty of beer, some light eats and a good group. Like last time – it is short notice, but it is free beer on a roof deck to punctuate quitting time on a Wednesday – what is there not to like?

605 Market @ 2nd – take the elevator to the 14th floor and follow the signs out to the roof deck. See you starting at 5:30, we’ll be up there until around 8:00. Boont Amber Ale is the beer of choice (it is solar powered!)- if you have a particular preference for something else let us know, I’m telling BevMo what we want at 5 PM on Tuesday.

We’d hate to run out of beer, so if you are planning to come send us a note: RSVP @ this domain (cleantechies.com).

Cheers for now,

-Ian Thomson

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  1. Hey there! I would like to come, and I’ll bring a friend. Sorry for the late notice (I just found this site!). Look forward to meet you all.