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CleanTechies is always looking for experienced professionals to join its existing network of dedicated bloggers. We offer you a unique platform to share your ideas, insights and opinion with other CleanTechies, enjoy high visibility and be recognized as a thought leader and industry expert.

The Blog

The CleanTechies Blog focuses on issues of clean technology, renewable energy, resource efficiency, green building and sustainable transportation to protect the environment. CleanTechies readers include experienced CleanTech professionals, career changers, recent university graduates and current students.

The Bloggers

An increasing number of industry experts contribute to the CleanTechies Blog by writing on a variety of current issues and sharing their insights with fellow members of the community. CleanTechies bloggers typically have several years of engineering, project management or consulting experience in different areas of the industry, and they generally write about the projects they are involved in. We are particularly interested in bloggers who have deep experience in or knowledge of clean technologies. 

We also have some blogging opportunities for students and recent graduates interested in a career within CleanTech. You should be a good researcher, interested in writing on specific topics of interest (or a book review) and sharing your ideas and experience with the CleanTechies community.

More information

Please note that we don’t compensate our bloggers financially for their efforts. However, this is a great opportunity to position yourself as an industry expert and network with other CleanTechies.

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If you are interested in blogging, please contact us.

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  1. Fantastic idea for a blog site. Happy to be a member and look forward to exchanging new and exciting developments in the marketplace.

    Happy holidays to all


  2. Would love to add a business element to the Clean Tech Blog. Have been helping two struggling Clean Tech start-ups and would love to pass the knowledge to those trying to accomplish similar tasks.

  3. Anyone knows where I could get a comparision chart on cost/kwh (operation)of all green enegery?

    Also cost for installation