Reader Feedback: The Biggest Clean Tech Story?


One of the more common green stories over the last month has focused on the question of whether the poor economic conditions are going to dampen the clean tech industry.  Other stories revolve around the new US administration’s policies.

There seem to be four main story lines:

  • Consumer confidence is down and therefore, consumers are prioritizing pocketbook issues over buying organic foods / small cars, etc.
  • Retreating oil prices mean that the economic case for wind power / hybrids / residential solar panels is much harder to make
  • The global financial crisis has made funding for green projects harder to come by
  • The Obama administration is going to invest in clean tech and green jobs

Most of these articles suggest that the short term prospects for green products and technologies are going to take a hit, while the long term prospects are generally good.  But considering that “clean tech” is actually a very diverse set of products, services, and technologies across the development-commercialization time scale, the 30,000 foot view that is being put forward in the popular press may be missing the real story.

Which story is currently the biggest for your business?  Answer the poll and use the comments section to join the dialogue on what is important in your sector.

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  1. Willie, Thanks for the link. As you mention in the post about your survey, the grid has been, and should continue to be a mainstream story. Of the linked stories on CleanTechies front page, 1/4 of them related to the grid.

    Jeff, The other story that seems to be bubbling up here and elsewhere relates to green jobs.

  2. I’d agree. The grid is a big story that’s undercovered. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to accommodate the next wave of wind and solar power. Also, green jobs. Both good ideas that need to be further explored and reported.

  3. Based on our unscientific poll, it appears that each of these stories are relevant to at least subsets of the clean tech community. I’ll leave the poll open in case others want to weigh in.