Podcast: Vote Solar’s Adam Browning & PG&E’s Proposal


Yesterday I caught up with Adam Browning, Co-Founder and Executive director of Vote Solar, a non-profit with the expressed goal of building the economies of scale necessary to bring down solar’s costs.

We talked about PG&E’s 500MW proposal presented to California’s Public Utilities Commission last week, how it compares to recent similar proposals, interest and participation from IPP (Independent Power Producers) and the impact the proposal could have on jobs creation and policy changes.

San Francisco Bay CleanTechies can join Vote Solar to celebrate Equinox III, and party the night away singing along side Maroon 5’s Jesse Carmichael and Solar Industry Leaders.  Career seekers, fill the karma jar, Vote Solar is still looking for a few good volunteers.

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Listen to the interview:

Listen to the interview:

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  1. abalone alliance clearinghouse on

    Keep an eye on this Vote Solar outfit!

    They have been promoting legislation in Florida that has been hijacked by the nuclear industry so that funding for renewable energy can be used by the nuclear industry to build more nuke reactors.

    Note that Florida jumped onto the nuclear renaissance bandwagon early and are already having trouble finding money to pay for their stupidity…