10:10 Campaign Gains Momentum


The British 10:10 campaign has only been in action for two months and has already received the praises of Oscar winner and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore, who claimed the movement was so good it should have a presence in the United States.

350.org , 10:10 is now taking its message around the world. By going global 10:10 will extend its unique ethos – along with its simple, contagious idea of asking people to cut their emissions by 10 per cent starting in 2010 – to more than 30 countries including the USA, India, France, Germany, New Zealand and China.

The plan is to hold the biggest day of climate action ever seen on the 10th day of the 10th month, 2010 and although that is still six months away, more than 800 local groups across the globe have signed on. People in San Francisco, Dunedin, New Zealand, and Kenya have all committed to marking the date with eco-workshop parties.

The event is timely, as it will act as a great precursor to the COP16 summit in Mexico in November, where world leaders get a second (and, the science warns, final) chance to forge a meaningful agreement on global carbon emissions.

Franny Armstrong, 10:10’s founder and director of ‘The Age of Stupid’, says a worldwide Day of Action on 10:10:10 will perfectly illustrate, for the benefit of delegates to Mexico, the kind of action our global climate now requires: “Enough protest marches, enough banners… Let’s roll up our sleeves and start solving the problem, all together. If we wait till the politicians get their act together, it will be too late.”

Article by Kate R. appearing courtesy Celsias.

image: Guardian

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