Home-Grown Wind Power Takes Root


Check out these interesting video clips discussing the presence of wind turbines and wind power in American towns.

First up is a clip showing local residents in Cohocton, New York, talking about wind power, and the real benefits they’ve seen from the Cohocton Wind Farm.

The second clip, “Protecting the environment and local habitat at Stetson Wind,” is about the efforts that First Wind goes through at Stetson, and at other wind farms around the country, to keep the area around the wind farms as pristine as possible.

Article by Kate R. appearing courtesy Celsias.

photo: First Wind, Cohocton video

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  1. This is nice, and I like that blogs are being done on these large wind projects, but there a a LOT of “back to the land” people such as my soulmate and I, who have intentionally moved out into extremely rural areas, and have each constructed, and brought online our own Solar/Wind power generation systems that totally power our “little piece of Heaven” Homes. I realize that most of these systems are less that 2KW, in large part, because we all utilize the BEST system for each need, E.G., using Propane for cooking, refrigeration, and hot water, and heating backup, taking hugely inefficient means for heating and cooling, and running them by sources much better suited for such needs.

    We may each have small generating capacities, but in this one small area of far west Texas where I live, a fair number of us, are NOT hooked to any form of Commercial power, which ion THIS area is ALL generated by filthy Coal burning.

    If all of the “Back to the Earth” people in this country were to be added up, I would venture to guess that the amount of damage to the atmosphere that we are sparing our mother would become a significant number.

    I think that someone ought to report on that “movement”.