Albatrosses Eat Plastic! – Plastic Diet Day 12


For almost two weeks, I have been consciously reducing my plastic use and advocating a plastic-free life. I stopped buying plastic bottles or plastic bags and every time I go to grocery shopping I carry my own reusable bag or containers. By doing so, I have been quite successful to reduce my plastic consumption compared to last month. In fact, it started becoming an addiction to re-use everything that I have, including the plastic zipper bags and containers. As a good alternative to conventional plastics, I started believing in compostable plastics that would replace most areas in our daily life.

It has been fun to keep track of the plastic materials that I have accidentally used since I began this challenge. So far, it has been easy to keep away from non-reusable plastic materials.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that it’s a huge step to come to a point where I can live fully without plastics for years. We use plastics in our home appliances, textiles, electronics and in so many other places. Besides, using plastics are cheaper, lighter and more useful in most cases.

The plastic industry has taken important steps to reduce the environmental harm of plastic products. But, I believe we will continue to damage our environment as there is not enough education on the handling techniques of plastic wastes.

Here is a BBC video that demonstrates the effects of plastic objects on the sea life. A Hawaiian student shows the plastic items found in the stomachs of albatrosses, ingested in the Pacific Ocean.

[photo: Midway Journey]

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  1. Great job Levent! I also stick my plastic zipper bags in the dishwasher and reuse. Plastic water bottles get refilled with water to stick in the fridge so there is no need to buy more. If I have to buy lunchmeat I get the reuseable ziplock containers and reuse those also. Recycle Reduce Reuse!