Solar-Powered Window Shutters – As Seen at West Coast Green


Yes, you heard right. Among the many intriguing green innovations at last weekend’s West Coast Green were the new Plug n’ Save Solar Shutters, a rather simple solution for homeowners hoping to cut utility costs.

Mounted onto gorgeously crafted bamboo shutters, the flat PV panels collect power from the sun and channel it directly back into the home’s electrical system. The shutters need only be plugged into a wall outlet to operate.

Created by father-son entrepreneurial duo Dan and David Curran, the shutters feature clever inlays to hide the electrical wiring and cords, leaving clean post card-sized panels. The panels themselves can only be seen from the outside.

The idea is that as a homeowner goes about their day, they will open or close their shutters to shield extra-bright sunlight. The panels waiting on the other side, however, will be harvesting that solar energy at peak hours of the day. It’s genius, really.

For more, read about the Currans on Examiner.

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  • california shutter

    I like it, thanks for the information about this plug n’ save solar shutter. Would you know how much it costs?

  • Dan Conroy

    You can e-mail Plug n’ Save and we would be more than happy to give you a free quote on any size window shutter.

    Be Green, Be Happy.

    -Dan Conroy

  • Pema Seely

    Thought people might be intereted to know about Appeal’s range of thermally eficient blinds – Solar® and Alu-Pleat®. These blinds reflect 85% of the sun’s rays in the summer, whilst offering improved insulation in the winter. Helping to cut household bills by reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. For more information visit their website.

  • George Pepper

    Wow, this is a great idea. Are the shutters easy to fit to standard UPVC Windows?

  • Paul Martin

    wow these plug and save shutters are a great idea! Eco efficient and they look great… do they only come in bamboo or can you get them in different materials?

    • Todd

      Paul, the shutters can be made out of Eco-Board(composite material), Bamboo, Basswood, and Poplar. They can be designed to fit most window sizes, large and small!

  • George

    I’d love to see a Bamboo version too actually.. Saying that I’m not sure it would fit in with the exterior of my house to say the least! I wonder if these have won any design awards?

    • Todd

      George, no design awards yet but the shutter was recognized with a 2011 Editor’s Choice Award from Green Builder Mag. We also have an exterior model in the works right now to go along with the interior model!

  • Adrian

    Almost a year on, surely these enterprising chaps – Dan and David Curran – have been recognised for such a clever idea?

  • Todd

    You can check out their latest work at These guys are working on more than just shutters now!

  • Joseph Finkelberg

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