A Technological Match Made in Heaven for the Solar Industry


AVACOS Solar (AVACOS) has announced its completion of an experimental green energy project in residential Toronto, Ontario that includes a 4.6 kW rooftop PV installation and uses several other environmentally-friendly building techniques.

AVACOS is an Ontario-based designer, developer, and manager of solar PV projects.  The company hopes to receive prestigious LEED Platinum Certification for its newly- completed residential project, which adds high-efficiency R-35 insulation, geothermal heating and cooling, and reclaimed building materials to the list of ways it minimizes its impact on the environment.

The new property, situated at an undisclosed location, was constructed by Toronto’s South Park Design Build.  The property’s rooftop installation is Canada’s first to combine SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.’s (SANYO’s) HIT Double solar modules with DuROCK Alfacing International, Ltd.’s (DuROCK’s) Tio-Coat roofing membrane.

SANYO is a well-known global electronics company with operations in Canada.  Its innovative HIT Double panels absorb solar energy from both sides, giving solar installers a more versatile material capable of 30% more energy output than conventional one-sided modules.  Woodbridge-based DuROCK is a family-owned producer of finishes and coatings.  The company’s Tio-Coat is a urethane coating that, when applied to the rooftop, provides 89% weather resistance and reflects a large percent of the sun’s rays.  This property makes Tio-Coat perfect to combine with SANYO’s arrays, as the back sides of the panels can absorb the reflected sunlight.  Windsor-based Schletter Canada, Inc. contributed its racking systems to the project.

Company, Province Open Doors for Workers with Solar PV Training

Koshi Terakawa, President of SANYO’s Canadian division, was reportedly pleased that AVACOS had successfully opened the door for HIT Double’s entrance into the residential market.  Currently, Ontario offers rich compensation to homeowners who generate renewable energy that they feed into the electrical grid under its microFIT program.  The microFIT and its companion program for larger projects, the FIT, have helped to create a number of employment and training opportunities in the solar PV market.  Solar projects receive some of the highest prices under the FIT, which has spurred rapid growth in the industry.  To keep up with the demand for solar installers, programs like Ontario Solar Academy’s solar PV training courses prepare new and seasoned workers alike for the future of energy generation.

AVACOS plans to employ its winning combination of eco-friendly technologies in its developments Canada-wide.  This will give the country’s solar industry and its PV workers competitive edges in the global race to sustainability.

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