Two Worthwhile Pieces on Sustainability to Make You Think


Two pieces on sustainability for your consideration:

1) I don’t know anyone who doesn’t admire the insight — not to mention the popularity — of best-selling business author and NY Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman. Here’s a good article he wrote in 2009 on the importance of sustainability.

2) While Friedman is very bright, he colors within the lines of our toe-the line conforming cultural viewpoints; this, in fact, is my only complaint of his work. So here’s a video made by a far more outspoken critic of our modern way of life, Annie Leonard, “The Story of Stuff.” I wish I had the power to get everyone in the world — at least the US — to spend the 20 minutes required to take in this message, rendered to perfection by one of my true heroes. She and I have been in touch, and I’m going to try to interview her for my next book; it will certainly be my honor.

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