New Hydrogen Powered Yacht Concept Finds Its Roots in Cold War Designs


The development of green transportation on the sea is a fairly interesting one when one takes a moment to look at it. The earliest methods of sailing were accomplished using “green” technology in the form of sails that caught the wind, while many of today’s designs are focused on using the sun or alternative fuels to achieve propulsion. One of the latest designs that has been gaining some attention as of late is expected to use a hydrogen based fuel system and to have been inspired by Cold War designs.

Called the EkranoYacht, the hydrogen powered craft was designed by Jaron Dickson, a student at the Monash University in Victoria, Australia, as a sort of green luxury vehicle. The design for the EkranoYacht was inspired by a Cold War era Russian designed wing-in-ground (WIG) series of crafts called the Ekranoplan that first saw limited service in the 1960s. The basis behind the wing-in-ground design is that it would allow the newly designed EkranoYacht to essentially hover above the water at high speeds, reducing resistance on the surface of the water, and in effect reducing the amount of fuel needed and the impact such a vessel could have on the sea’s ecosystem. Paired with a hydrogen based fuel system, the craft would essentially have no carbon emissions to speak of and would offer a unique green choice for those in the market for a luxury yacht.

While exact specifications for the EkranoYacht are difficult to ascertain given the fact that an actual model has yet to be built, it is believed that the craft will be able to travel at speeds around 250 miles per hour. The vehicle will also focus on providing an open living space within its 118 foot length and allow space for approximately six people to live comfortably. Whether or not any other green systems will be available on board the EkranoYacht’s is unknown, it would be possible to see some other type of green technology on board depending on the final design.

All said and done, the EkranoYacht concept is apparently ready for a production plan that would place an official release sometime in 2025. Although the EkranoYacht will hardly have any major effect on the majority of people’s lives, the potential existence of such a craft within a market as unique as luxury yachts is interesting to consider. Maybe with a little bit more green in the picture, other companies will think of something similar.

Article by Richard Cooke, appearing courtesy Justmeans.

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