Deregulated Energy and the Right to Choose Green Energy Providers


Recently many states have chosen to deregulate their energy markets. This means that homeowners and consumers can choose who generates the power that they use. This is done in part to lower utility prices and to let competition drive the more or less monopolized market. At the moment there are 28 states that have deregulated either electricity, natural gas or both. In a few states like Texas where generation and distribution of electricity is deregulated residents have been obliged to make a choice. But in the states where people still deal with their utility company for distribution but have the option to choose the source of their electricity, there seems to be a reticence to act.

This probably has something to do with how deregulation is presented to people.

Deregulation Helps You Save Money?

One of the major benefits most ‘authorities’ site for deregulated energy is the ability to save money. This is not a bad approach in theory but in practice . Energy deregulation is still in its infancy and many consumers, not to mention states, are hesitant to jump in. The focalization of attention on potential savings is probably in part a means to overcome the fear and stigma that remains from the California energy crisis that took place in the early 2000s. No one want’s to be a part of another Enron.

The Ability To Choose Your Energy Company

This overtly monetary discussion however does not include one of the major benefits of energy deregulation: the ability to choose green energy sources.

One thing that most people don’t understand about deregulated energy is the fact that you don’t have to change your utility company. The energy industry is being divided up into three sectors: generation, transmission and distribution. Transmission and distribution in most states remains regulated. The arm of energy that is deregulated is generation. What this means is that you get to choose where the electricity that is delivered to your home by your utility company is generated.

This choice marks an important step for green energy, because you can choose to receive your electricity solely from energy providers that use green technologies. And you can help participate in clean energy without having to shoulder the financial burden of purchasing and installing the necessary equipment.

Choose Green Power Today

Depending on what state you live in, the options for green providers will change. Typically these are a combination of solar, wind, hydro and biomass sources. Energy providers who work with green power can provide you with electricity free from carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other causes of greenhouse gas and smog.

When you choose green power you take an active role in helping to develop, maintain and scale alternative and renewable energy. The only caveat is that you have to do it.

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  1. Patti Johnson on

    Very true… most people either aren’t yet aware of deregulated energy or they don’t realize they have an options to choose. Just as long distance was deregulated back in the 90’s and the AT&T monopoly was broken up, we now face the same with gas and electric. Deregulation is sweeping the nation and giving homeowners and business a choice. Choice is good! This deregulated commodity also allows for people across the country to capitalize financially. Getting paid when someone pays their gas or electric bill certainly helps in this economic environment, opening opportunity for everyone.