Solar-Powered Washing Machine Puts Smart Grid To The Test


Using smart grid technology, the machine allows users to select the most favorable time for using energy.

In cooperation with power company Greenchoice, grid operator Enexis will install over 300 smart devices in sustainably-designed homes in the Dutch city of Breda. If they accept the devices, residents will then participate in a two-year test to see whether people are ready to use smart grid technologies.

One of the most interesting installations will be solar-powered washing machines. In this smart network, the washing machine is logged into an online weather channel so that it knows exactly when the sun shines or when the price of power on the energy exchange APX -ENDEX is most favourable. For example: it could be more efficient to do your laundry at night and not in the evening. Or maybe it’s best to do it during the day, when solar panels produce power.

The project involves 246 apartments with woodstoves and solar panels and 57 houses with heat pumps and solar panels, to be completed in 2012. In each home, smart devices like a smart electricity meter or a smart washing machine will be installed, connected to a smart energy computer. Besides giving residents information about the energy they use and produce, it collects their preferences and controls all devices as efficiently as possible.

Enexis’ main purpose is to explore how much people are willing to use electricity in a flexible way in order to save money and the environment. They hope the outcome will demonstrate ways sustainable energy, like solar panels, can be integrated into the grid and used to meet growing demands.

Article by Beth Buczynski, appearing courtesy Crisp Green.

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  1. I’m curious of the final results and I want to see if these people are willing to use their washing machines at the right moments.

    This is definitely a good test to check the availability of people to save the environment but also save money in an intelligent way.

  2. Hi Crisp,

    I realize this post is old and my hope is that you are still checking the comments. Do you know if there are any of these solar-powered washers currently available on the market for a decent (non-mind-boggling) price? If so, could you please specify the model? Thanks a lot!

  3. I am very much excited to knowing the results of solar powered washing machine and its really smart machine that saves energy and its a best benefit for this washing machine.