Could Thorium Be The Key To Safer Nuclear Power?


With food and milk already contaminated from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant, the rally cry against the risks of nuclear energy has resumed with vigor. Most agree that business as usual isn’t a safe policy for the next generation of nuclear power.

According to the Thorium Energy Alliance, the Thorium reactor is the best and cleanest way to produce both pure plutonium 238 (the power source for all deep space probes) and the rare medical isotopes that can be used in novel cures for cancer.

Thorium is a naturally occurring element that has recently regained public attention for its unique potential in next generation nuclear power plants.

This WellHome infographic is meant to give you a broad overview of the element, and the role it may play in helping to create nuclear power plants that are more efficient, safer, and cheaper than today’s current models.

Article by Beth Buczynski, appearing courtesy Crisp Green.

Infographic appearing courtesy Wellhome.

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