Can a New Thermostat Change the World?


The tech world is abuzz about the first new product from the man who led the teams behind the first generations of iPod and iPhone.

A newer, sleeker super-phone you ask? Perhaps a teleportation device?

No. Even better! Drum roll please…

It’s a thermostat!

Yes, you read right. The next greatest thing to come from the mind of former Apple VP and leader of the iPod and iPhone divisions, Tony Fadell, is called Nest.

Turns out, there’s a good reason for the buzz.

Just as the iPod isn’t like any other music device, Nest isn’t like any other thermostat. The Nest is the world’s first learning thermostat. And this could be the ultimate game-changer.

The Nest is designed to transform the way we heat and cool our homes and businesses by absorbing multiple pieces of information and delivering a multitude of features and benefits – all tied together with a sleek design (of course).

Imagine a device that understands how and when to keep you comfortable, while also saving optimal energy – day or night, summer or winter. Sound too good to be true? The proof is in its built-in Nest SenseTM.

Nest Sense is a combination of built-in sensors and algorithms that help Nest understand what’s happening around it. Those sensors detect activity, temperature and weather.

Simply put, the Nest operates as if it has the ability to learn your behavior, anticipate evolving conditions and change heating or cooling settings to keep you comfortable. Most importantly, the Nest will save you a significant amount of energy by programming itself.

Of course, the Nest will have the ability to communicate with your smartphone, just in case you forgot to turn down the heat on your way out of town.

What’s more, the Nest not only will learn and anticipate your habits at home, but it also will share energy usage data online. The Nest technical team will use the information to develop better, more sophisticated software to avoid potential problems in the future.

According to the company, software updates will come automatically via the web, and users can perform analytics to better understand their own energy consumption.

And while this device sounds complicated, one of its most attractive features is its ease of use.

With this device – and perhaps other products to come – the company says it wants to change the world. If the excitement I have for the Nest is any indication, they may be on the right track.

Article by Tim Laughlin, appearing courtesy Xcel Energy Blog.

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