Business Sustainability as a Transformative Process


In contrast to the current economic forces, business sustainability is creating a bright spot of opportunity for new and evolving business. Specifically, leading organizations are finding ways to address today’s challenges and transform economic roadblocks into business sustainability opportunities. Currently there are several trends continuing to create business and individual opportunity.

In an Industry Week article, Achieving Transformative Success Requires Convergence, the author discusses the need to adapt to the dynamics of today’s business environment. Reviewing some historic business missteps and the business sustainability challenges of today, Industry Week searches for answers in the convergence of organizational structures, processes, and information flows.

“We are living in a transformative age, and no industry is immune to waves of change. The business landscape has never been more littered with the remains of companies that rose to great heights only to have their fortunes plummet because they were unable to transform themselves as times changed. Now more than ever we need to question and rethink each thing we do — leaving no stone unturned, and asking what’s working, what isn’t, and why?”

As the guidance offered in the post goes on to explain, sustainable business transformation is a necessity in order to respond to the challenges today. Thus, the author offers what is referred to as “The Transformation Triangle”. This three pronged approach includes:

• Business Agility — the ability to sense changes in economic conditions and competitive landscape, and proactively implement a response.

• Sustained Innovation — the ability to develop new products, services, and methodologies that advance beyond the competition through repeatable processes.

• Operational Excellence — the ability to consistently deliver cost-effective services at defined performance levels to internal and external customers.

With the changing landscape of business and greater evidence now pointing to sustainability as critical component to future business success, the companies that are ready to get started today can make some quick progress. Leveraging internal knowledge and enthusiasm for sustainable business programs is a great way to engage the entire organization and an easy place to start. Whether your company leverages the insight above or inspiration from some other source, the pursuit of business sustainability transformation has become a true best practice.

Article by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company; appearing courtesy 3BL Media.

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