ExxonMobil Forecasts Major Shift to Greener Vehicles


A new report from ExxonMobil predicts that nearly half of the world’s cars will either be hybrids or powered by alternative fuels by 2040.

While hybrids now account for just about 1 percent of all vehicles worldwide, the oil giant forecasts that hybrids and alternative energy vehicles will move to the mainstream as governments increasingly push for better fuel efficiency.

The ExxonMobil report, “The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040,” predicts that overall energy demand will remain flat in developed nations over the next three decades, but demand in developing nations such as China and India will increase nearly 60 percent from 2010 to 2040.

The report also predicts a worldwide boom in shale gas production and forecasts that 30 percent of the world’s electricity will be produced from natural gas, while demand for coal will peak before seeing “its first long-term decline in modern history.”

Article appearing courtesy Yale Environment 360.

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  1. Captain Obvious on

    …and the other half of the world will still be driving Citroen CVs, Trabants and tuk-tuks.

  2. They are right, by that time, the special interest groups pumping millions of $$

    to our lawmakers and auto execs to keep vehicles doing 20-40 MPG would have kicked the bucket, and their desendants, being educated on green energy would

    ‘possibly’ embraced it, after all, being billionaires by then.

    As you and I know, they have the tech to make them do 60-80 MPG, but they are not allowed, so they can sell all that oil, who cares if the world EVENTUALLY COLLAPSES??? FROM THOSE BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF BARRELS BEING EXTRACTED???

  3. The Company has created a “regional solar market transformation net-zero energy smart grid initiative” including DOE& DOD; to address market barriers within a USDA Enterprise Zone and Champion Community including SBA Hub Zones.” This initiative when connected with Smart-Grid nanoantennas technology provides a paradigm-shift for cost-effective economic development with tremendous economic potential.

  4. I wouldn’t wait. A full hybrid like the prius gets twice the mpg and saves you money now not to mention the resale vaule is better and pollution is 10 times less. The Nissan LEAF is also a real money saver right now.

    Exxon didn’t mention we import 50% of our OIL at a cost of $1 Billion a day,. Imagine how many USA jobs we can make with $1 Billion a day. Imagine the reduced pollution.

    Many also predict gas will be $5 a gallon next year, just like it is now in Europe and Canada.