What Outsourcing Trends Might Mean to Sustainable Supply Chain Management


In a recent study released by the Everest Group, 2012 Market Predictions, the professional consulting firm predicts the growing use of supply chain service providers in the coming years. As companies seek to elevate the roles of their procurement professionals to more strategic business sustainability activities, outsourcing of transactional functions are expected to increase.

“Procurement outsourcing deals will grow by 20 per cent in 2012 and expand to other areas of the supply chain such as order fulfillment, inventory management and logistics.”

Traditionally a bad word in the business world, ‘outsourcing’ has most often been associated with the relocation or elimination of jobs. However, today’s outsourcing efforts are not eliminating but instead enhancing the roles of many professions. The most notable of these elevations can be seen in the daily actions of the sustainable supply chain management professional.

Leading supply chain and business sustainability minded organizations are addressing talent as a critical resource. Our sustainability consulting finds these progressive companies are leveraging specific strategies, such as outsourcing, to elevate the competencies of their organization. Addressing talent from this enhanced value perspective, we find many companies are now asking:

    • Are our people currently working on the most valued-added activities?

    • What are characteristics, knowledge, and skills needed for a sustainable workforce?

    • How do we refocus attention toward more strategic business sustainability activities?

    • Can we effectively outsource these non-critical business functions?

  • Sustainable organizations understand the value in managing their human capital. However, getting your resources focused on the right activities is not always easy. Sustainable supply chain management is creating the opportunity to streamline the organization and allow for more strategic business sustainability roles for procurement professionals.

    Article by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company; appearing courtesy 3BL Media.

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    1. Nice Article as you describe outsourcing trends is going to make sustainable supply chain, i agree with you because most of the companies outsource their work and just because of outsourcing a wrong impact going to global market.