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Apps were created for two reasons: to entertain you and to make your life easier. There are thousands of different apps for the Droid and iPhone market to make every aspects of your life simpler like travel, shopping, eating and exercising. But there are apps out there that can not only help you but the world we live in. Downloading apps that could potentially help your quest to save the environment just got easier; here are few apps to download:

Light Bulb Finder: A huge way to help the environment (and your energy bill) is too change out your home’s light bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs. Light Bulb Finder is easy to use and helps you to find the best and most energy efficient bulb replacement for whatever type of light you own. Another feature is the ability to purchase the light bulb through the app or help you find at your local retail store! Free. Available for Droid and iPhone users.

iRecycle: Just about anything and everything can be recycled or reused. iRecycle is an easy to use recycling app that shows you how to and where to recycle an item or product. Choose from their menu and based on your location or zip code, find where to drop off your item. Also you can read eco-friendly news and articles with this app. Free. Available for Droid and iPhone users.

Locavore: An awesome app for the foodies out there. Based on your location, Locavore will point you to the nearest farm or farmers market. Also find out what foods are in season and view a delicious collection of recipes displaying different in season foods. Sounds yummy! Free. Available for Droid and iPhone users.

Treehugger: Based on the very popular and ecofriendly, the team from created an app and good one at that! Stay abreast of all things green with news stories, Twitter feeds, podcasts and special articles. Now go hug the nearest tree. Free. Available for Droid and iPhone users.

Not only are all these apps free and available for iPhones and Android users, but they are apps that actually make a difference. Download now and save the environment one app at a time. Happy green downloading!

Article by Laura Backes. Laura enjoys writing about all kinds of subjects and also topics related to internet providers in her area. You can reach her at:


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