EcoSpeed App Could Cut Auto Fuel Costs By 30 Percent


By now most readers of this blog probably realize that driving isn’t the most efficient or eco-friendly method of transportation (unless you’ve got one of these) but many of aren’t able or willing to give up our cars. A new app can help by teaching you how to cut out wasteful driving habits, saving money and reducing emissions.

EcoSpeed, a soon-to-be available app for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, goes way beyond efficient trip planning and fuel economy calculators. When active, it will constantly measure energy consumption and the trade-offs such as fuel cost, time to your destination and environmental impact, and alerting you to adjust your driving behavior, even slightly, to lower costs while still arriving on time.

eco:Speed is based on real-world driving conditions, factoring in fuel consumption, the number of traffic stops, speed limits, local traffic conditions and more. And our eco:Speed mobile app provides you with real-time feedback on the fuel efficiency of your driving. Whether it’s a slower acceleration when the light turns green or maintaining a more fuel-efficient speed, you’ll know what driving techniques help you save time as well as money.

Interested? EcoSpeed should launch for iPhone and Android devices sometime this month. Until then, visit the EcoSpeed site to try the demo, or sign up for updates about app availability on your device.

Would you ever use an app like EcoSpeed to help lower your fuel costs and emissions? Tell us in a comment!

Article by Beth Buczynski, appearing courtesy Crisp Green.

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  1. well, this sounds great and Yes! i would love to use apps like that. Now An iApp can help us to save the nature as well as our pockets.

    i’m going to try the Demo and i’ll definitely going to get its full version.

    ~Aansy Stone