Writing Sustainability into Paper-based Solutions


International Paper, a global paper packaging company, announced that it will be providing North American customers with a sustainable paper option. Called Hammermill Great White, it is 100 per cent recycled and will be produced at IP’s mill in Riverdale, Alabama. IP invested millions of dollars into its recycled product capabilities. The company already offers 30% and 50% recycled paper and the Hammermill Great White 100 carries the Forest Stewardship Council certification.

The launch of Hammermill Great White also marks IP’s 100th anniversary. “Consumers are interested in recycled paper products, but they also want confidence in the quality and how the product performs. Hammermill Great White 100 contains 100% post-consumer fiber,” said Jon Ernst, International Paper vice president for Imaging Papers.

Resolute Forest Products and National Envelope also announced they will be expanding their portfolio of sustainable paper solutions. Resolute recently launched Align, a range of high-opacity, high-bulk, sustainable papers that can be used as alternatives to chemical pulp, coated and uncoated freesheet in most commercial printing applications.

BioMassPackaging, a division of Excellent Packaging, which provides food services with sustainable packaging, has increased its product portfolio with new paper cold cups made with renewable paper fibers. This ecological option replaces polyethylene, which is often used to line paper cups. These PLA-lined cold cups use a plant-based Ingeo lining to make the cup leak-proof.

“Until now, there has been no sustainably sourced alternative to the Ingeo-based clear cold cup,” said Allen King, president of California-based Excellent Packaging, the North American distributor of the new paper cold cups. “We’d like to see more food service retailers and any business that currently offers paper cups make the switch to these Earth-friendly paper cold cups. It makes good business sense, since its helps their customers avoid using cups that contain petroleum-based plastic.”

Recently Safeway announced that its product ranges Softly and Ultra Thirsty had adhered to Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance standards.

Article by Antonio Pasolini of Justmeans, appearing courtesy 3BL Media.

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