The Value of a Diverse (Energy) Portfolio


Talk to any financial adviser, and they’ll tell you diversity within your portfolio is important for long-term growth and sustainability. Diversity helps you adapt to changing markets and weather short-term storms to achieve your goals.

The same can be said about energy. Diversity is a valuable asset – having a variety of fuel options and program choices can help customers achieve their personal “saving” goals.

For instance, investing in a renewable energy portfolio not only delivers long-term value for our most precious resource, but also provides customers with alternatives to traditional energy choices.

And like an investment portfolio, it’s also important to know when to jump on a good thing!

Take natural gas and energy efficiency rebates.

While rising gasoline prices have raised concerns about the negative impacts on our nation’s economic recovery, the cost of natural gas has gone largely unnoticed. Historic low natural gas prices are creating real value for homes and businesses.

Participating in energy efficiency programs is another useful tool to help improve your bottom line. Consider efficiency program participation like a “front-end load” mutual fund – invest a little more at the beginning for long-term benefits.

We are seeing many of our customers benefiting from diversity. Steady electricity and low natural gas costs are helping customers, and more and more homeowners and businesses are implementing energy efficiency improvements and changing the way they use energy – and that’s a good thing.

In 2011, Xcel Energy customers participating in our energy efficiency programs in Minnesota alone saved enough electricity to power every single home in a city the size of Albany, N.Y., for a year – and then some!

Just as we continually review our energy portfolio, you can do the same for your home or business. With a diverse offering of renewable and efficiency programs at your disposal, you have the opportunity to make choices to fit your personal goals and objectives. And the best part? With energy efficiency and renewable programs, the return is always positive.

Article by Tim Laughlin, appearing courtesy Xcel Energy Blog.

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