Energy Levels – Half Full or Half Empty?


I was thinking about resilience in my blog last time and now I want to get you to reflect on energy and resilience in your business for a moment. Checking levels we’ll call it for now…

We’ve seen enough energy reflected in the Olympics last month – but I mean the energy you need to do business – human capital energy and utility provided energy to power your hardware.

Fact: Energy conservation is about making your business resilient

Absolutely Right

Taking energy conservation seriously requires a new approach to business – maybe new behaviors for your business communications and PR.

Businesses who successfully implement energy saving measures as our partners, undertake a process known as “triple loop learning” where a new approach is introduced, and then is reinforced in practical ways and finally becomes ‘business as usual’. Improved bottom line figures and better use of energy resources support the new approach as a sound business decision.

This new way of working can be used effectively as a new source of PR or branding for your organization. Have you considered this?

This is about getting across to the world as succinctly as possible what you stand for in terms of business results and your approach to doing business – smarter working or green planet thinking. Think and behave in ways that build commitment, trust and engagement between yourself and others. That’s the pathway to success.

The behaviors that inspire commitment, trust and engagement in clients include: attentiveness, encouragement, intellectual flexibility, reliability and the ability to deliver results. Maybe the other elements of your approach to business will help you to stand out from your competition? Energy conservation is not just about financial reward – it also produces a story you can tell to customers and potential customers. What makes you memorable in the eyes of others?

Take a keen interest in how people see your business and be inquisitive about what your organization looks like to others. Look for other perspectives. Explore relationships with customers and give them a ‘health check’ – how is PR helping?

In order for us to survive and prosper we need to forge relationships with our customers and potential customers that help us survive and grow. Relationships are many and varied – each has a different quality to them in relation to their strength, importance and power, and each will appeal to a different aspect of our own need. A positive approach produces resilience.

Check your energy levels… and resilience… and relationships… and…

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Walter’s contributions to CleanTechies over the past 4 years have been instrumental in growing the publications social media channels via his ongoing editorial and data driven strategies. He is the founder and managing director of Sunflower Tax, a renewable energy tax and finance consultancy based in San Diego, California. Active in the San Diego clean technology community, participating in events sponsored by CleanTech San Diego, EcoTopics, and Cleantech Open San Diego, Walter has also been a presenter at numerous California Center for Sustainability (CCSE) programs. He currently serves as an adjunct professor at the University of San Diego School of Law where he teaches a course on energy taxation and policy.

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