A Toast: To U.S. and China Teaming Up To Build Thorium Nukes


Can you handle a little good news? This article just in from a frequent commenter: It appears that nuclear reactors based on thorium (vs. uranium) may be closer than we think. There is very little not to like about thorium: it’s far safer operationally, and it’s not capable of being turned into weapons – thus any progress is good.

And check this out: the U.S. Oak Ridge National Lab is teaming up with the Chinese government to make this happen. That’s really good. As I always say, any energy solution that doesn’t get China out of the coal-fired power plant business isn’t really a solution at all. And it sure is good to see international cooperation from two parties that are potential adversaries.

Tonight, I urge you to find someone you like, and offer a toast to a saner, cleaner, safer world.

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