Need a little inspiration this Friday. Check out this new kickstarter campaign for a new home automation/energy efficiency device: OttoBox.

Everybody knows a significant amount of energy is wasted by appliances in standby mode. According to information provided, Ottobox tracks the habits of its users, learning when appliances tend to be in use and turning them off when they are not. Ottobox automatically turns off standby appliances, allowing consumers to achieve considerable savings on their electric bills.

Ottobox is the brainchild of Ameer Sami, the Founder & Chief Engineer of Ottomate. Ameer, after being continually scolded by his mother for failing to turn off his devices when not using them, decided that there must be a more convenient way to save energy. So, at only 16 years old, he developed the first prototype of the Ottobox. Now, through Kickstarter, 18 year old Ameer and his team of five are working to bring the Ottobox to mass production.

If it lives up to the presentation, it’s cool and, importantly, super simple to use. Plus you gotta feel good when it’s invented by a teenager and supported by a company and a team that look not much older.

So check it out!




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