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North America
0 What Happened to All That Oil?

Today, a panel of government scientists released a report which said that the vast majority of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has either evaporated or been burned, skimmed, recovered from the wellhead or dispersed much of which is in the …

North America
0 From Sand to Solar

Energy investors and entrepreneurs often refer to the period between technologies being developed in the lab and making their way to the marketplace as a "valley of death" due to the multitude of factors that can prevent those advancements fr…

Energy Efficiency
0 Weatherizing 82,000 Homes This Summer

Picture a neighborhood block somewhere in your town.  It might have single-story homes for 10 families — complete with front porches, sidewalks and green lawns. Or instead that block might have a single apartment building that houses 50 families …

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