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1 Countering the Infrastructure Deficit, the Software Version

There has been a lot of talk about the growing infrastructure deficit. Across the US, Canada and Europe, experts and policy makers share a growing concern around the many billions required to catch up with this deficit, or in layman’s words: Public infrastructure is aging and decaying. While there may be disagreement about the actual extent of the deficit, there is no arguing that it is there to stay – and that some types of infrastructure age with less grace than others.

For water networks, unlike many other decaying assets, it is quite likely that parts of the investment gap can be addressed using little to no hardware. An emerging category named ‘Water Infrastructure Monitoring’ carries the promise of optimizing – through the use of advanced software – the process of pinpointing the assets that need to be serviced, and taking corrective action, thereby prolonging asset life and diverting scarce budgets to the right places.