A talent shortage hits green start-ups – Economist, 1 May 2008

The Economist has confirmed what we have known for a while. They don’t specifically mention the need for mid-management talent – but the scarcity is there too.

While it is a great time for job seekers in CleanTech, making the connection to how to go about finding the right job and the right sector is part of what CleanTechies.com is about – bringing a new generation of professionals into industries that they are passionate about.

Nat Bullard at New Energy Finance was one of the early supporters of CleanTechies, and you can see what he’s done with the iLeonardo notebooks on Solar Thermal. We spoke the other day about the research that they did with Heidrick & Struggles. He was realizing how stunningly tough it was to find top level talent. There are firms out there that specialize in finding that “C” (as in CEO, COO and CFO) level talent, but what about helping companies find regular folks in the middle of their careers, that are already looking at the CleanTech sectors as worthy of their skills and dedication?

If you are an organization struggling with finding mid-management talent post your jobs on CleanTechies – and if you have serious time constraints or you are building out your entire team, reach out to our partners at CleanTech Human Capital and they’ll see about developing a plan with you.

If you are an individual, welcome to CleanTechies. Drop a line, and know that your skills and interest are not going to go unnoticed for long; keep collaborating and keep networking. We need everyone’s help to address the challenges of energy and the environment.


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