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Job Seekers – Join Networks… and meet everyone you can.

Network, network… and then network some more. Go to conferences to learn and meet smart people that can expand your horizons – and don’t be focused on just this job. Eventually they will be contacts you can need for whatever job you end up in, if you keep that in mind you’ll be giving as much as receiving in the social interchange.

Here is a good and somewhat humorous article that talks about the differences between US and UK approaches to networking (not about our industries tough):

Don’t worry if you are feeling a bit British and are intimidated (or terrified!) by networking – no need to run out and buy Networking for Dummies (I just checked… it actually exists. You can get it for 15 bucks or something like that at; but I will give some quick free advice for you (remember that you get what you pay for): when you go to events, like tonight’s put on by Antenna Group in SF, or Green Drinks tomorrow (see yesterday’s post) or conferences:

  • Have fun meeting new people – this community is filled with smart, interesting and sometimes attractive people.
  • Don’t be sleazy – networking is fun, be social, but don’t be a card “whore”
  • Follow up with people – talk with them, develop a rapport and then met up later… don’t have a resume in hand – the people that are there aren’t looking to make a hiring decision!
  • Be interesting – come ready to chat about whatever, not just CleanTech or green stuff

Speaking of great networks though,REBN (Renewable Energy Business Network) is going National and then…. Global –

Definitely join and participate, if you are in some far flung place that doesn’t have a chapter, write in and help set something up.

Great job Rob. Join us for the next REBN events in your area… We’ll be throwing the next Bay area event in SOMA the week of the 16th of June – we’ll let you know where soon!

Hasta pronto!