The Next President’s Energy Policy

I have the opportunity to open the evening’s event – here is an expanded version of what I’m thinking of saying… Keep in mind that it will be held at the Marines’ Memorial Club when reading:

I realize that I am preaching to the converted. We are at a cross roads that is bringing an unlikely cast of characters apprehensively around the same table – grizzled Marines, ardent environmentalists, venture capitalists, corporate executives and union activists.

The next president of the United States will take office before a backdrop of mounting environmental concerns, national security fears, economic instability and an increasingly discerning, concerned and impatient constituency. As so many factors come together to contribute to uncertainty, we are reminded that turbulent times call for exacting and effective leadership.

The leader of this country can have a tremendous impact and make our country a true leader among nations. Like it or not, the United States is still a dominant power; despite failing to take top marks in any recent international popularity contests. This country of immigrants is still seen as a definer of the international world order.

It is fitting that the event will be held at the Marines’ Memorial. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Marine Corps, it is an institution that holds the honor of leadership to be sacrosanct. Marine Officers are welcomed into the Marine Corps with a motto – “Ductos Exemplo,” which means “Leadership by Example.”

The next president of the United States will be charged with a massive rebranding challenge. For numerous reasons our executive and legislative branch has resisted claiming an international leadership role as it pertains to sustainable electrical generation, energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. This rebranding strategy must incorporate the tenets of leadership by example. It is only after this that we can begin to expect to be able to collaborate with other massive consumers of energy will we regain the honor and privilege associated with good leadership.

The road will be hard, the decisions facing out country’s next president will be complex and the solutions will never be easily apparent. Fossil fuels and Nuclear Power will continue to play a role in our energy mix. That said it is critical that our next presidential administration facilitates the innovation and implementation of environmentally, politically and socially sustainable solutions that will fuel our transportation needs and economy. By doing this effectively the country may regain the honor that comes with leadership that is entrusted by peers.

I know that our candidates recognize this; I’m interested in seeing what their plans are to do something about it.

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-Ian Thomson

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