President-Elect Obama – CleanTech has a significant role in the economic recovery plan

If you are tight on time jump over to 1:50; President-Elect Obama sees upgrades to the US’ infrastructure, the development of alternative energy and the implementation of alternative energy projects as critical components to the country’s economic recovery.

It is a somber testament to the dire nature of the economic backdrop we face – but it is encouraging that the leader of the US has made a strong pledge to promoting the future of renewable energy, efficiency, alternative transportation and the development of jobs and careers in those sectors.

Yesterday I went for a hike with Sanjay Wagle, a principal with Vantage Point Venture Partners and co-founder of CleanTech for Obama (CT4O);  we spoke about his meetings in Washington this past week with members of the transition team.  He was impressed with the attention they were given and by how the President-elect’s team seemed committed to working with legislators from both sides of the aisle and experts from around the country. CT4O was the first outside entity that the Transition Team has met with – which would indicate an earnest commitment to seeking energy independence and environmentally sustainable solutions.  Sanjay and the rest of the CT4O team pulled an all-nighter to get their initial recommendations on everything from transportation to biofuels to the transition team in time for yesterday’s announcement (the video above).

I’m excited, and I look forward to seeing President-elect Obama steer the country into the right direction on these issues with informed and engaged advisers like Sanjay and the rest of the CT4O.

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Any way you slice this, our economy is in very dark and disturbing times. We are standing on the edge of an abyss with one foot half way already down into it. It seems like as a nation we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Everyone knows we are in deep despair but no one seems to be able to agree on what to do about it. So much attention has been given to the mortgage crisis that little attention or credit for what the high cost of fuel this past year has played in our downward spiral. That one single factor caused families to break the budget at the pump alone. Consumer goods in every capacity from production to shipping passed the increased costs on to us. (and most products now cost more and come in smaller packages) Electric companies sought and were granted huge price increases. We cut back, quit going out to eat as much or at all, quit spending on frills and even necessities, that sadly resulted in even more jobs being lost. It has been a real catch-22 in the economy. Record jobs and homes are being lost still. Unemployment is climbing every day. While most of the public seem to be doing the happy dance around the pumps, and reporters are reporting the happy dance, little is being reported about OPEC’s plans to keep cutting production and they will until they get prices back up where they want them to be. The average family is so far behind they will never get caught up. Jeff Wilson has an interesting book just out called The Manhattan Project of 2009. I heard him on a radio talk show interview and he blew me out of the water. I got his book on Amazon. I think we are going about this whole thing wrong. WE keep spending billions on bailouts and stimulus checks. Why not invest in creating improved grids, infrastructures, and creating millions of badly needed new green collar jobs? The last stimulus package cost us 168 BILLION and did NOTHING to stimulate our economy. That would have gone a long way toward starting up alternative energy projects and creating new jobs. Check out what they are doing in California.Check out this link to read the news. This is so exciting for those who realize the importance of seeing out country transfrom away from fossil fuels and to cleaner, cheaper electric cars. I read about this in Jeff Wilson’s book The Manhattan Project of 2009. I am thrilled and surpriesed to see it taking place so soon. Go The Manhattan Project of 2009, Go Jeff Wilson for writing this enlightening book, Go California, Go Arnold, and GO BETTER PLACE…IT IS ENCOURAGING TO SEE THERE ARE THOSE OUT THERE WHO ACTUALLY GET IT. HOPEFULLY WASHINGTON WILL FOLLOW SUITE SOON! Link to news story below or simply type electric car infrastructure california or Better Place into search engine.

Ty Guenot

It has been 11 years in the making for me. I first began to look at the excessive gains in the late 90’s, then, when the market went flat and contracted on the tech sector in 00, 01 I thought the worst was over. While this was ongoing a friend of mine from my military days long ago told me to look up a fellow by the name of Matt Simmons and research what he had been preaching. I did, what I found was nothing short of stunning.

It shocked me to look at the world energy market in a whole new light. This entire system was flawed from the moment it came into existence. Oil is not infinite and we have made no plans for its demise. Imagine my feeling when in April of 2005 we reached and surpassed peak oil. The market now was demanding more then we could ever supply. This problem will make the current crises look like a first grade math assignment. We are headed for a crash of the dollar, as soon as Saudi Arabia unties it from oil, BOOOOOOOM!!!!!! DOWN FALLS THE DOLLAR. Then what?

Enter the Green Economy,

in this firestorm of chaos, confusion and a very serious lack of leadership it will be individual companies such as ENINTHAL, LLC who will step to the front to bring not just large, but medium and small infrastructure projects in energy to life.

All will be as it should be, born from the work ethic taught to us by our grandfathers, which was passed on from their fathers, and theirs before them. It is our destiny to remake this nation in the vision of the founders. All of this, comes together, here and now, in this time. My generation will answer the call, It will be our Honor, our Priviledge, our Duty to bring America back from the brink. And renewable/alternative energy will lead the way.


Ty W. Guenot Sr.

CEO Eninthal, LLC

Awesome! I strongly believe that green tech is one answer to the U.S. economic and energy problems. I’ve written a few articles about it and plan continued updates and ideas as I discover them.

Let me know what you think about it!

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