CleanTech Events in 2009: first overview of upcoming conferences

We thought you might be interested in finding information about CleanTech events on the CleanTechies website. Below, we put together a first overview of some upcoming conferences around the world. This is just a start, stay tuned as we will announce more events on this Blog.If you would like us to mention a particular event, please contact us or simply post a comment below. We will update this list to reflect relevant entries.

This post has been updated to include additional events.

January 19-21, 2009 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

World Future Energy Summit

Government officials, heads of global organizations, leading environmentalists and international investors are meeting for the second time after the first summit last year to discuss, debate and plan the world’s future energy. More than 15,000 people are expected to attend, and the exhibition will cover over 20,000 sq meters.

The conference will deal with a wide range of themes including: Energy policy, Investment and funding, Green building, Clean transport, Solar, Wind, Biofuels, Ocean power, Geothermal, Waste to energy, Fuel cells, Carbon management, Environmental strategy.

January 21/22, 2009 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Permanent Oil Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities

This 2-day international conference focuses on the impact that changing oil availability will have on society. It will discuss possible new business opportunities, look at challenges and provide answers how they can be solved. The first day of the conference will deal with political and macro-economical aspects of changing oil supply, while the second day will deal with effects on specific economical sectors, including Transport & Infrastructure, Food & Agriculture, Energy systems and Chemicals & Materials.

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February 2/3, 2009 – San Jose, CA, USA

Clean Tech Innovation & Growth 2009

This 2-day conference, presented by the International Association of Nanotechnology and the Clean Tech Institute, will feature leading policy makers, venture capitalists, industry leaders, energy experts and educators in the field of CleanTech. It will have lectures and panel discussions on Policies, Incentives, Investment and Intellectual Property. It will also feature an Advanced Technology Showcase on Photovoltaic, Concentrating Solar Power, Fuel Cells, Wind Energy and Electric Vehicles.

May 3-6, 2009 – Houston, TX, USA

Clean Technology Conference & Expo 2009

Brings together over 5,000 technology and business leaders and experts from academia, investment, government, start-ups and Fortune 1,000 companies. Participants are active in identifying latest clean technologies and commercial sustainable solutions, driving advanced research insight and best practices, matching buyers and sellers, enabling strategic partnerships and providing IP licensing, venture capital, corporate financing and customer acquisition opportunity.

June 15-17, 2009 – Amman, Jordan

International Conference and Exhibition on Green Energy & Sustainability

This is a 3-day international conference that focuses on aspects of renewable energy and green technologies. It especially discusses application and impact on Jordan and the whole Middle East region. The event is organized by the Hashemite University in cooperation with Jordanian Renewable Energy Society.

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I would like to point the Doing Good and Doing Well conference (Barcelona, Feb. 27-28) and particularly its Cleantech Venture Seminar:


Aki Kachi

New Energy Finance Summit, March 4-6th, 2009

Among Obama’s top environmental advisers, Howard Learner has been with President-elect the longest. Currently executive director of the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center, Learner linked up with Obama in the early 1990s and was the Senior Environmental and Energy policy adviser for the 2008 Obama campaign. He now serves as an advisor to President-elect’s transition effort.

Learner will be just one of over forty speakers at the New Energy Finance Summit and Awards, an invitation-only conference and black tie gala dinner that takes place on March 4-6, 2009 in London.

In an advance of that appearance, New Energy Finance caught up with Learner via phone on 18 December.

With subsidies for clean energy under pressure even Spain and Germany, and fears that an international economic downturn will impede the quest for successor to Kyoto, the clean energy sector clearly has its sights trained on Washington. Expectations are that the new president’s policies will spark US market demand enough to pick up the slack created elsewhere. But are these hopes realistic?

“Is there likely to be a major initiative here in terms of clean energy development? Very much yes,” says Learner. “Is everyone going to be happy with the ultimate decisions? Of course not.”

The transition team has been highly solicitous in seeking input from the US clean energy sector in recent. The outreach has gone beyond the usual suspects — trade and lobbying groups in Washington – directly to major investors and equipment manufacturers. Learner said the suggestions have been greatly appreciated and many potential policies are now on the table.

In the end, a relatively small number of advisors will determine what will, and what will not, end up in the much anticipated economic stimulus package Obama is expected to unveil in January. However, Learner’s group has publicly endorsed modifications to the Production Tax Credit and Investment Tax Credit to make them more effective during an economic downturn. Then there is the question of a cap-and-trade programme. Conventional wisdom holds that Congress will not tackle the issue until at least summer 2009 and that current economic conditions will make passing legislation a real challenge. Obama surprised some by reiterating his commitment to the issue in recent weeks and Learner said capping carbon remains high on the incoming administration’s agenda.

“Whether its 2009 or 2010, I don’t want to get into an argument but I think it’s going to move forward and it’s a priority,” he said.

Join Howard Learner and other select senior industry, policy and finance leaders at the New Energy Finance Summit and Awards Dinner, an invitation-only conference and black tie gala dinner that takes place on March 4-6, 2009 in London.

The New Energy Finance Summit will explore how different players, geographies and sectors are mobilising to meet the challenges of a capital-constrained and turbulent economy. We will be discussing how clean energy solution providers at various stages of development are changing their business models to react to market conditions; how incumbent energy players in oil, gas, coal and nuclear are responding; and how policy-makers are working to shape the competitive environment for the coming decades.

Those who attended the inaugural New Energy Finance Summit last year know that this is not your average conference. It is designed around interaction: you’ll meet and debate the industry’s critical emerging issues with your peers: the leaders who are shaping policy, leading technology and making investment decisions. Last year’s event was very well received – Lord Browne called it the ‘New Davos’.

Confirmed thought leaders represent the following organizations:

* Industry: Anglo-American, Centrica PLC, Petrobras Biofuels, Scatec, Virent, Rio Tinto, GridPoint, Acciona Energy, E.On Climate and Renewables, Schlumberger Carbon Services

* Policy, Government & NGO UNFCCC, Crown Estate, Danish Energy Agency, UN Global Environment Facility, ACORE, Environmental Law & Policy Center, REN21, EU Energy Commission, UN Secretary-General Climate Change, IEA Renewable Energy Unit

* Finance: Hudson Clean Energy Partners, Good Energies, Peking University Environment Fund, Global Environment Fund, Riverside

* Academia & Think Tanks: Technical University of Denmark, California Institute of Technology, Brookings Institution

On the award dinner: The New Energy Finance Gala Awards Dinner will take place on 5 March 2009. It will be a black tie event for up to 400 participants, at which the industry’s leading awards, the New Energy Finance Awards, will be distributed for the fourth year (for the avoidance of confusion, we would point out that New Energy Finance is in no way associated with the “New Energy Awards 2009” which is taking place on 25 February 2009). If you are planning to attend just one awards dinner for excellence in clean energy, we look forward to seeing you at the New Energy Finance Awards Dinner on 5th March. To book your place, email us now on

Registration: Only 200 registrations are available for the Summit. Invitations are granted at the discretion of the Summit team based on a broad set of criteria aimed at ensuring a rich and stimulating exchange of ideas among a diverse group of industry leaders and peers. To apply for an invitation allowing you to purchase a ticket click here.

Sponsorship: There are also selected partnership opportunities still available. If you are looking to raise your profile amongst key decision makers in clean energy and the carbon markets, please contact

We are look forward to seeing you at the industry’s premier thought leadership event

Electric Drive Vehicle Industry Events for 2009 can be found here:

I missed the event too busy building Eco homes in the UK! I hope to make the next Clean Techies’ symposium

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