CleanTechies says “Thank YOU!”

The last few months have been very exciting for the CleanTechies team. What started with a first blog post by Ian has grown to a CleanTech internet portal, offering a broad range of features and functionalities.

Since then, we have published 65 blog posts on a variety of CleanTech issues – including the effects of the credit crunch, the impact of cheap oil, the promise of the Obama campaign as well as the state of the international solar market.  

Most of them we published in the last three months after Marco, Ceylan and Hilary got on board and – most importantly – more than 15 motivated industry experts joined the CleanTechies Blogger Team.  

The CleanTechies portal

Today, you can take advantage of all of these features: Take a look at job openings on the CleanTechies Job Board, and you can find the CleanTech job you are looking for. Read our Blog, and discuss current trends with the CleanTechies bloggers and the rest of the CleanTechies community. Check out the Bookstore, and find some of the best CleanTech books that have been recommended by fellow CleanTechies. Follow the Sector News, and stay informed easily by following the latest headlines. Uncover the most valuable websites on issues of clean technology in our CleanTech Links collection. If you’re an Employer, hire the right talent with CleanTechies doing the candidate search & staffing for you.

A growing community

In less than three months, our LinkedIn group has grown at a steady pace from 1,300 members in September to more than 2,200 members today. In addition, our community on Xing now has roughly 500 members, and on Facebook we’re about 150 people. Our CleanTech Jobs RSS and Blog RSS feeds as well as Twitter updates have found many followers, and CleanTechies blog posts are being recommended on social bookmarking sites like Digg, Technorati and StumbleUpon. 

The next few weeks will continue to be exciting as we are launching several new features. Stay tuned for many more additions and improvements to your CleanTechies site.

Thank YOU!

We would like to wish you happy holidays and a fabulous new year 2009 full of excitement, adventure, motivation, innovation, happiness, health, wisdom, curiosity and surprises. We would also like to take the opportunity and sincerely thank all of you who have been supporting us over the last few months. Without your continuous support and feedback, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thanks for making the CleanTechies community stronger every day. Let’s conclude this blog post with some of the great feedback that we received from you – thank you!

“I’m more than thankful for this valuable information, you are a very active group.” Hartmut Rast

“Fantastic idea for a blog site. Happy to be a member.” Steve Levy

“The CleanTechies group looks awesome, can’t wait to participate.” Christian Brenneman 

“Thanks for your invitation, I am very exited to join your group.” Vaiddyy Viswam

“Thank you so much. I love your site!” Dave Nawrocki

“What a nice letter! Thank you very much.” Sandy Charet 

“Thank you for the nice note! Love the site and will be sure to pass it on.” Jeny Smith  

“Thanks you for the warm welcome. I am excited to be a member.” Mike Writz 

“You are doing an incredible job of promoting the CleanTechies website.” Matthew Stack 

“It was great to find CleanTechies!” Scott Barrett 

“I am happy and proud to be associated with CleanTechies.” Krishna Iyer 

“Thank-you for the kind welcome!!!” Betty Saenz 

“This looks like a terrific site, I’m anxious to be a part of it.” Steve W Phillips

“Thank you for your recommendation. You have been really helpful.” Michael Mack

“Glad to be a part of the CleanTechies group!” Aaron Weiner 

“Wonderful! I am already impressed!” indigo c 

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Alejandro Payan

What a fantastic service, and site design. The articles are great too. I look forwrad to seeing you grow.

Alejandro Payan

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