Mine the stimulus bill for CleanTech and Renewable Energy projects

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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is the name of the much-touted economic stimulus bill headed for the president’s desk. It’s big, to the tune of $789 billion. What happens now?

Obama plans to sign it tomorrow morning and the money will be spent in short order, in hopes of reviving the economy. Governors will play a big part in how the money is spent, based on lists submitted by state and local agencies.

CleanTech has a big part to play in this recovery. Later this week MacKinnon will be writing some deeper analysis of the bill’s 1000+ pages – in the meantime take a look at Stimulus Watch,  a web site set up to monitor how the dollars are doled out.

There are pages set up for separate states, and sections on energy, transportation, water and other wish list categories. You can search by keyword for hot topics like solar and breezy topics like wind.

Go wild, and let’s pick out some projects worth discussing.

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2 comments on “Mine the stimulus bill for CleanTech and Renewable Energy projects

Zach Wilson

Glad to see someone is filtering the bill for its ecological impact. At my company, a small software shop in SF, we tried charting impacts by state, and we would love to expand the work by showing green impact by state. If anyone is working on green-recovery impact-by-state, please contact me. Thanks. Really, I would be interested in mapping anything green by location.

Here are our state-by-state maps for different segments of the bill:


My contact info:

Zach Wilson

CFO, UUorld, Inc.



Well done Zach – here is something else I got from Zach’s site that might help you Stimulus Miners:


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