Some Damn Good CleanTech links

Can I even say “damn?”

I’m working on a project right now and trying to get some information about the current state of CleanTech; as you might suspect finding great resources that are quotable is tough!

I’ve added a couple good links to the Links Page today, but please use the contact form to introduce us to some more.

Here are some great “fresh” resources I’ve come across today in my research:

Water Issues

Vulnerability Assessment of Freshwater Resources to Environmental Change (Focus South Asia)

by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Key findings:

– Over-exploitation, climate change and inadequate cooperation among countries threaten some of the world’s greatest river basins, which sustain around 750 million people.

– Climate change is likely to lead to severe water shortages in all of the basins in the long term, as about 67 per cent of Himalayan glaciers are reported to be receding, reducing the glacial runoff which feeds these rivers.

– Water resources in the Indus and Helmand river basins are highly vulnerable – this is mainly due to ecological insecurity illustrated by decreasing vegetation cover and declining water quality.

– The Indus Basin is the most resource stressed, based on water availability per person and variation in precipitation, and at the same time, most exploited among the three river basins.

– Groundwater levels are declining at a rate of two to four meters per year in many parts of the Indus basins due to intense pumping, which threatens soil and water quality and results in saltwater intrusion into groundwater aquifers.

Wind Energy

The Global Wind Energy Council’s 2008 report

Whatever you are looking for, it is in there – if it isn’t go to their site:

Renewable Energy

Good Stuff on India’s and China’s clean energy space from the US Department of Commerce.

A bit less “fresh” but still good, and should be updated soon

REN21 Renewables 2007 Global Status Report

You should always check out New Energy Finance, they are a subscription based service, but their freebie information is a great starting point.

If you aren’t paying for it, you might also want to consider the mother-lode, the International Energy Agency’s 2008 World Report.

Please use the links to get smarter and please submit great links to make the rest of us smarter; the site will only get more helpful for your fellow CleanTechies through your collaboration!

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Contact Olivier at WBCSD …and see if there is a way to access or jointly work together…

Olivier Borie, WBCSD Webmaster

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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1231 Conches, Geneva, Switzerland

Phone: +41 (22) 839 31 16



Or, sign up for their newsletters by sending a blank e-mail to:

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…Or sign up online at


Also, contact RMI at

For a book that is full of facts like this… Check out *Plan B 3.0* by Lester Brown:

You’ll find chapters on Oil, Food Security, Rising Temperatures, Water Shortages, Weather Patterns, Deforestation, etc. All with CleanTech (and non-tech) sustainable solutions for each. He has also included nearly 80 pages of bibliographic references for his information.

Thanks Allan, I put it in our bookstore as well.

Thanks for these links. I am running a focussed project at with a focussed objective of helping managers, investors and business folks transition to cleantech and these links are very useful.

Obviously is not an “official quotable” site and therefore will not deserve to be a “Link” but from comments that I have been receiving I think that we are doing a good job. And we have a long way to go!

BTW, on Solar I would recommend


CTO is a great organization, great call. I’ve actually mentioned them as a great resource for those that are professionals from different industries that would be interested in mentoring their skill set to a young CleanTech start up. Very good way to “break in.”

I was chatting with CTO’s new Exec Director Rex Northern last night at the Vote Solar party and he’s still very keen on getting more top notch volunteers in there.

Adam Teitelbaum

This is a contest for start up clean tech companies with some key sponsors like Google and the city of San Jose. I attended their 2009 contest announcement last week and was very impressed with the organization.

Hi. Great links. I thought you might be interested in our initiative. Please let me know if you would like further information.

Hey good bookmark links.

Here is another to a solar panel forum at

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