The new Tesla Model S is… very sexy

Ironic that these pictures come out during lent.

According to the Bible (and the Torah and the Koran), you shouldn’t show the world you are suffering while you are fasting. It should be your own private affair.

Similarly, I don’t think you should wear your green “stripes” by driving around in an aesthetic train wreck (think Toyota Prius and Honda Insight), it is the equivalent of personal green washing to make up for your potentially otherwise extravagant lifestyle (sorry Sanjay, David, Josh… and all my other Prius buddies).

On the other hand… Tesla’s Model S might be going the opposite direction! don’t show the world you have cash to burn on such a spiffy car while everyone else is doing what they can to keep their head above water (who cares how it’s powered)!  Kevin Rose posted pics and TreeHugger picked up on them (they have a couple more pics on the site).

Apparently Tesla‘s furious… but they should be thankful, this is great stuff! Free PR, and a great product to boot. IF this are fakes, then this is great market data – they need to start designing something similar, pronto. This thing is great, and your public approves.

Now if only the DOE could find it’s checkbook….

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