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FREE Book: Generation We left a message for you

Eric Greenberg, founder of “Generation-We,” has a powerful and encouraging message for the youth of the United States, and he wants you to hear it… for free. The US’s youth care deeply about energy, health care, national security, and the environment and they need to participate to shape how this country deals with these challenges.

I have had the opportunity to spend some time with quite a few inspiring people through the New Leaders’ Council, a organization developing progressive leaders throughout the United States.  This past Saturday I had the chance to spend about an hour with Eric Greenberg, entrepreneur, activist and ball of fire.  He came into the room a bit haggard, suffering from a recently repaired broken shoulder without the benefit of pain killers.  But the guy had such an encouraging message that within a few minutes he was fully dialed in, charged up on what he was trying to convey to us, a group of 15 would be progressive leaders.

Generation We: The Movement Begins… from Generation We on Vimeo.

I encourage you to go to their site and read the book Greenberg and Karl Weber wrote, particularly if you are a Millennial (born after 1977).  Greenberg invested considerable time, money and energy in this venture… and wants you to have access to it for free.  If you want a copy of it and want to support his cause, you can order a hardcopy from the CleanTechies Bookstore.

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