Your resume s****! Here’s how to improve it.

The title of this article is statistically correct. You may indeed have a great resume, but if so, you are in the minority.

If you are looking for a CleanTech job, and you think your resume looks great, you might want to run it by some friends – ideally with HR background. Most resumes out there are anything but good, not to say terrible. If you ever been a hiring manager, you know what I’m talking about: Five pages of resume for three years of work experience, endless task descriptions with no reference to notable achievements, useless information squished into a confusing layout, and a clutter of unrelated seminars, medals, and trophies – not to mention typos and grammatical mistakes…

The list of “no-goes” is long when it comes to writing a winning resume – and so is the record of tips and suggestions. But what does a winning resume look like?

Working closely with both resume writers and recruiters, I hear a lot about the dos and don’ts of resume writing and how candidates can best position themselves. Given that recruiters spend only seconds evaluating a candidate’s resume, as a job seeker you want to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd. Today, given economic uncertainty with recent layoffs in the millions, hundreds or even thousands of candidates applying for the same job. Here’s a summary of some of the most important things to consider when writing a resume:

  • Instantly communicate the value you’ll bring
  • Accurately summarize your competencies
  • Maximize the use of recruiters’ top keywords
  • Concisely describe your professional roles
  • Clearly highlight your accomplishments
  • Set your resume apart from the rest

Need help?

Your resume should make the recruiter’s job easy by instantly highlighting why you fit the role she is looking to fill. Not sure how to do that? You might want to consider working with a professional resume writer. An outstanding resume writer can transform your resume from a lackluster recounting of names and dates into a lively, impressive narrative that tells recruiters exactly who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what you can bring to the table.

Changing careers?

If you’re a career changer looking to enter the CleanTech space, you have an additional challenge to master: You need to convince the recruiter that your previous industry experiences prepared you well for the CleanTech job you’re applying to. But what are transferable skills, and which experiences are relevant? If you want to work in CleanTech, but need help figuring out how to best position yourself for a career in this space, you may want to work with our professional resume writers. Not only do they have extensive resume writing experience, they also know the specific skill sets and keywords recruiters within different industries within CleanTech are looking for. They can help you put the right details in the right place, and they do a great job in showing how your skills are transferable.

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what is a resume? that’s what you do when you start over because you screw it up. jobs make you fill an aplication and then talk to the manager and he tell you when to come to work and how many bean to cook.

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