Clean Tech = Pajamas once in a while

Don’t be insulted. Relax.

World Wildlife Fund has released two studies on lowering your carbon footprint. It turns out that it’s good for the environment, and your quality of life.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a tie, or spending time in an office. Professionalism is important. But you don’t need to drive or fly (all the time) to be a professional. With the advent of the Internet (years ago), virtual conferencing can often take the place of in-person meetings. And who’s to say you aren’t wearing a pair of pajama bottoms below your shirt and tie. Who’s to know?

With the downturn in the economy, flight budgets have been reduced for some companies. Not to worry, flying less is a green thing to do, and you can attend just as many (or more) meetings in your pajamas, er, via a computer.

Working from home, or on a flexible schedule, as some companies call it, also has personal benefits. To be sure, you have to have self discipline. But beyond that, the world is at your fingertips. If you have a phone, an e-mail address and the Internet, you can do it all. Sleep in late. Blow out that first project before lunch. Have a good meal, and bang out Project No. 2 before the after-lunch sleepies kick in. Take the dog for a walk. Enjoy some down time. Work a couple of hours before dinner, maybe an hour after dinner, while watching “The Office” over your shoulder.

Do I speak from experience? A little. But take a big picture look. Telecommuting is the future. You can hire the best people, anywhere, to work for your company. And improve your green bottom line. Clean, as in less carbon use, and tech, as in, in your pajamas (sometimes).

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I am wearing pajamas right now.

A little video to make you feel much better about not flying 😉

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