How to Work with a Clean Tech Recruiter

Frank Marquardt, author of The Solar Job Guide, wrote a useful article about green technology recruiting that appeared on triplepundit yesterday. For those of you looking for a clean tech job, you will probably find some relevant information here. Marquardt talked to several recruiting experts and gives a good overview of what you can expect from recruiters and how they tend to approach candidates.

“Along with job placement, for example, search firms like Bright Green Talent and business networks like CleanTechies provide job-search services like career counseling, resume writing, and free content with blogs, webinars, and events, all designed for people looking for clean tech jobs,” writes Marquardt.

Marquardt points out that you should “realize that knowing what you want is no guarantee there’s a job for you.” “Recruiters can’t spend time with every candidate that might one day fit a role that they might have. There isn’t enough time in the day,” he quotes CleanTechies CEO Ian Thomson.

You find Marquardt giving valid advice as he suggests you “[t]ake part in internships and volunteer activities in the field you want to enter.” I could not agree more with him. If you are really interested in breaking into the CleanTech space, you might have to be flexible and prove your interest before you launch a full-time position in the industry of your choice.

We’re happy to have Frank Marquardt join the CleanTechies blogging team. He is writing a special series on our blog about careers in CleanTech. You can read his first article here.

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