How to find a Solar Job? Frank Marquardt knows the answer.

Looking for a green technology job in the Solar industry is something more and more job seekers are focusing on these days. The reasons are easily explained if you turn to Frank Marquardt, author of Green Careers, coauthor of How Green Is Your City, and writer on the CleanTechies Blog: “Solar represents an attractive industry to many looking for an industry with a positive long-term outlook, and one where they can make a difference. Those who do find a job will have the opportunity to work alongside passionate people who realize their work will have a very real effect on some of the most significant geopolitical issues of the age, including energy independence and climate change.”

At the same time, that’s exactly why breaking into Solar is not an easy thing to accomplish. There is a lot of competition for a limited number of jobs, and companies have specific requirements to their jobs that many applicants do not necessarily meet.

“Those who want to break into the Solar industry will need to be persistent and focused, have the right mix of skills, and take a strategic approach. To find a job in solar, you’ll need to get clear on what sector of the industry you want to work in, what type of company you want to work at, and what skills you bring to the table,” says Marquardt.

In his latest book, The Solar Job Guide, Marquardt tells job seekers how to enter the Solar industry. Not only does he provide a detailed overview of the industry, he also offers real-world examples of successful careers in this booming industry. Marquardt knows what he is talking about. He has a strong background in green career issues and regularly writes for triplepundit, teaches workshops and teleseminars, and gives presentations.

With The Solar Job Guide, Marquardt has written a practical book on an industry with tremendous potential: According to estimates by Clean Energy Trends, the solar photovoltaic industry will grow more than 270% by 2018. And the Solar Energy Industries Association predicts that the stimulus package could create 110,000 jobs.

Job seekers looking to enter the Solar space will find Marquardt’s book useful as he elaborates on proven job search techniques and gathers advice from professionals who have successfully transitioned into a Solar career. The author explains in an easy-to-understand language what the different technologies are all about and what kind of potential they have. He also gives helpful interview tips, shows typical salaries for various positions, and provides a great overview of resources that can be helpful in finding a job. Particularly well done is a section on informational interviews he did with professionals in different roles, including Project Development Coordinator, Principal, Energy Procurement, Design Consultant, and Vice President of Product Development & Design. The interviews give the reader an idea of the range of opportunities, everyday issues and topics these professionals deal with in their respective Solar roles.

For any job seekers who want to learn more about the industry or need advice on how to best structure their job search, Frank Marquardt’s The Solar Job Guide will probably prove to be a valuable resource.

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