Is there a Future for Nuclear Energy in the US?

Do yourself a favor by visiting and downloading the first hour of the last Science Friday. A really intelligent discussion of the future of nuclear energy in the US ranged from the waste storage issue to microreactor technology to financing.

Even the geekiest of Green Nerds probably needs some time away from green tech talk a few minutes a day, especially with all the slop that is bombarding us these days at checkout counters, in brand campaigns and on the nightly news. So, I know the last thing you want to do is head out for that morning run, pop in the ear buds and have a clean tech podcast as your accompaniment; but, the conversation here – which included an MIT Prof and former DOE Under Secretary (Moniz), a NRDC egghead (Cochran) and a scientist – is worth your time.

One issue they teased before the segment but then never actually delved into is the question I leave you with now: What if the “Silent Spring” movement hadn’t been opposing nukes for the last 30 years, where would we be right now as far as CO2 emissions for stationary sources? Gives me some pause on the latest knee-jerk green priorities.

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