Biopolymers: biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, carbon neutral and – compostable!

Are we ready for a biobased industry? That’s the question the Biopolymer Symposium 2009 wants to address. The use of biopolymers is growing, and an increasing number of applications to commercialize these materials are on the market. Most biopolymers are found in packaging – food trays, blown starch pellets for shipping goods, thin films for wrapping – but they are also being used on the industrial side. Biopolymers are produced from biomass – such as sugar beet, potatoes or wheat – and have important environmental benefits: They can be biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, carbon neutral, and even compostable.

Biopolymers do not come without criticism, though. Are biopolymers taking away food resources? Some argue yes, others say no. Without any doubts, biopolymers are an interesting packaging option, and there is an increasing variety of resources where these materials can come from. But with technology and material developments progressing, and more and more solutions appearing, practical questions come up. The challenge today is to develop effective, commercially viable biopolymers.

Monday-Wednesday, September 28-30, 2009

Biopolymers Symposium 2009

Embassy Suites Downtown Lakefront, Chicago, IL, USA

That’s where the Biopolymer Symposium 2009 comes in. The event will take a look at this industry and analyze the true environmental impact in the long term. Covering the entire life cycle of biopolymers in industrial and packaging applications, it features real life case studies and presentations from key industry leaders and discusses new technologies, market trends, developments in applications, new guidelines and waste strategies.

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