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Green Job Training: U.S. government holding five grant competitions

If the headline doesn’t get you, the price tag might: $500 million.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis was in Memphis last week to announce five grant competitions, totaling $500 million, to fund projects that will prepare workers for green jobs in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries.

Sharpen your pencils. Four of the contests are aimed at training workers through various national, state and community outlets, according to Solis:

  • Energy Training Partnership Grants;
  • Pathways Out of Poverty Grants;
  • State Energy Sector Partnership and Training Grants;
  • Green Capacity Building Grants.

Competition No. 5, for State Labor Market Information Improvement Grants, will fund workforce agencies to point people to careers in green industries.

The grants, of course, will come from the federal stimulus package, aka the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

More details are in the Federal Register (.pdf) and at the Department of Labor Web site.

Contests can bring out the best in people, so let’s see who wins.

Any predictions? Is this the best way to spend $500 million on green jobs?

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5 comments on “Green Job Training: U.S. government holding five grant competitions

This is exactly what we need! Combine new public policy, tap into the American entrepreneurial spirit, and there is not task that can’t be overcome. Besides $500 Million is a ton of cash!

renewable energy and solar energy is on the rise and experiencing dramatic growth. President Obama recently signed a $787 billion recovery package into law. The New Energy for America Plan lays the groundwork for big change.


That’s probably one of the best uses the stimulus package will produce. If the Pathways Out of Poverty Grant were coupled with a program similar to Habitat for Humanity, there’s a good chance the nation could cut our dependence on fossil fuels significantly in a reasonably short period of time. Of course, that would require coupling volunteers and the working poor, historically a wonderful way to convert handouts into a hand up! Wonderful news, thanks for sharing!

Eduard Dawson

Now that’s more like it. Sustainable growth and progress for all, owing to the government’s effort. I hope this is as true as it says it will be because this is definitely a big step; something truly worth taking interest in.

I’d like to see this realized, for good.

Sustainable energy is the way to the future. Relying just on coal and nuclear power are going to have its long term repercussions, of which we are already suffering for.

Eduard Dawson

This is absolutely great news especially for citizens that are taking the green movement seriously. Kudos to U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis for this commendable move.

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