Top 5 Things a Professional Resume Writer Can Do for You

Spend money on your resume — a simple one- or two-page document? How could a stranger possible write about your background and achievements? For many people, the idea of having a resume professionally written seems like a waste of money — or, at best, an expense that will get you a questionable product. If you’re among these naysayers, we’ll be blunt — you couldn’t be more wrong. A professionally written resume is one of the very best investments you can make in your job search. Here are a few things a professional resume writer can do for you:

1. Provide outstanding writing skills

Though a resume isn’t supposed to be a work of literary merit, it’s essential that your resume is grammatically correct, free from spelling and punctuation errors, and written in a dynamic, compelling style. A professional resume writer is not only a grammar expert — he or she is also highly skilled in selecting exciting language and phrasing that will make you stand out from the pack. Don’t mistake such skills for lying or exaggerating — a professional resume writer never fabricates or aggrandizes your work. Instead, he or she takes what you’ve done and writes about it in the most effective possible way.

2. Approach your experience with an objective eye

You may think your 15 years of tech experience warrants a 5-page resume — after all, each and every one of your 25 bullet points is essential, right? Wrong. One of the benefits of having a “stranger” write your resume is that he or she is able to look at your experience and achievements from an objective point of view, selecting those details that are most essential for an effective document. With hundreds and hundreds of resumes under their belts, professional resume writers are adept at ruthlessly cutting unnecessary information to ensure that your documents are concise and attention-grabbing.

3. Create a coherent message — a professional “brand”

Is your resume simply a collection of previous jobs and tasks, or does it tell a story — a professional story, that is? One of the hallmarks of a professionally written resume is the presence of a clear, compelling message that shows clear career progression, highlights your frequently used skills, and portrays your personal brand. If you’re changing careers, a coherent message is a vital way of communicating to potential employers how your previous roles have prepared you for a shift.

4. Design an attractive package

Professional resume writers select the most attractive, effective font and format to convey your skills. There’s no need to go overboard with formatting, of course, and a professional resume is, above all, designed for clarity. A recruiter facing a stack of resumes (or an inbox full of them) needs to be able to tell at a glance who you are and what you bring to the table. The right format can make or break you at this crucial moment.

5. Ask the right questions

When it’s time to write your resume, a professional resume writer will know the right questions to ask to draw out the most pertinent information. He or she will know at a glance what’s missing from your current resume — and the sort of information required to fill the gaps. While you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of distilling years of experience into a suitable resume format, or of figuring out just how to transition into a brand-new field, a professional resume writer has seen it all before. He or she is equipped to efficiently address your unique resume challenges and produce a document that will get you the results you want.

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