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Wind Power in Texas Begins to Reduce Electricity Costs

The rapid growth of wind power in Texas is already reducing consumption of natural gas and lowering the cost of electricity generation in the state, according to a Wall Street research group. Bernstein Research reports that the rising output of wind turbines in Texas — the world’s sixth-largest producer of wind power — has eliminated the need to fire up natural gas-powered generators to meet the last bit of demand during periods of low energy usage.

Powering up natural gas generators is expensive, and Bernstein reports that the spreading use of wind turbines “can have a material impact on the price of power.” The report predicted that the “growth of wind power in (Texas) over the next three years will markedly lower the consumption of gas and coal by conventional generators.”

The state is anticipating a glut in natural gas production, and the rise in wind power generation is expected to further depress prices for natural gas and reduce consumer costs per kilowatt hour, Bernstein Research reported.

Appearing courtesy of Yale Environment 360.

[photo credit: bbcworldservice]

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One comment on “Wind Power in Texas Begins to Reduce Electricity Costs

Now this is really interesting Ceylan ! Many thanks for this post.

I hope this will push significantly renewable energies in the United States in the very next months and years.

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