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Video Game Teaches Biology Lessons

A nanorobot which defends a single cell against dangers such as the AIDS virus or H1N1 is the main character of a video game about molecular biology that is being developed by the Universidad Santo Tomas, in Chile.

Kokori, which means “collective game” in Rapanui (the language spoken in Easter Island), is one of six projects that won 2.3 million dollars in a contest about applying informative technology for educational purposes, organized by the National Commission of Scientific and Technological Research.

Of the six projects, Kokori, which uses information taught at the high school level biology, won $424,000.

Virginia Garretón, director of the project, also mentioned that the cell would also face obstacles such as bacteria, which the nanorobot would have to fend off using antibiotics as weapons. Lack of nourishment or attacks from toxic compounds or carcinogens will also pose threats.

The structure and function of the cell would also be included in the game, as a response to suggestions from biology teachers that were polled.

The game will be developed based on free distribution software for use on any platform (Linux, Windows, etc.) and will have little technological requirements.

Article appearing courtesy ENN.