Video: Too Dirty For College

A new advertising campaign was launched by the Sierra Club recently as part of their Campuses Beyond Coal Campaign, designed to show that while college students accept all manner of filthy things, some are just too dirty – like coal!

The long-term aim of the campaign is to successfully shut down or replace campus coal plants. The ad campaign targets schools in 11 states that are currently reliant on coal fueled power sources.

Check out one of their cool little clips below.

Article by Kate R. appearing courtesy of Celsias

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2 comments on “Video: Too Dirty For College

Great video. While the issue is serious, lightning up a bit and bringing some attitude to addressing the challenge is great to see. On a related note, your readers may be interested in seeing another “dirty” video ( produced by to support environmental hero, Christopher Swain, who is swimming from Massachusetts to Washington DC through some of the most toxic hotspots in the Atlantic to call attention to ocean pollution.

Eco-swimmer and Timberland Earthkeeper Hero Christopher Swain is swimming 1,000+ miles through toxic hot spots of the Atlantic to raise awareness about ocean pollution! has produced quite the dirty video about how some people are supporting Swain…

How dirty are you willing to get for Swain?

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