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UK Approves Construction of 10 New Nuclear Power Stations

The British government has approved 10 new sites for nuclear power stations in England and Wales, calling nuclear power a “proven and reliable” energy source that will help the UK reduce its carbon emissions and become more energy-independent.

Just a year after the government lifted a moratorium on new nuclear power generation, Energy Secretary Ed Miliband called nuclear — along with renewables and clean coal — one of the “trinity” of future fuel options.

“We need all of them in the long term because of the challenge of the low-carbon future is so significant,” he said.

The government sees the new stations as an essential replacement for what is an aging nuclear infrastructure; some existing stations will have to be decommissioned as early as 2030, creating concerns that the nation could confront energy shortages.

Government ministers hope some of the new stations, most of which would be built at the locations of existing plants, could be running as soon as 2018. A planning commission will make a final decision within a year. One proposed site, located in Kent, was rejected because of concerns that construction could produce coastal erosion and flooding.

Article appearing courtesy of Yale Environment 360

[photo credit: Pepeketua]