Video: Rap Battle of the Climate Change Titans

If you feel like having a laugh, check out the latest Juice Media clip. In the lead-up to COP15 they have orchestrated a ‘rap battle’ between Al Gore and Lord Monckton, which makes for humorous watching…

Climate change may be no laughing matter, but clearly some people’s expertise (or lack of…) makes for comic material!

Article by Kate R. appearing courtesy of Celsias

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3 comments on “Video: Rap Battle of the Climate Change Titans


WORD ! What a great video, you have to check it out!

If you know of other videos like this, please post the links here and we’ll add them to this post.

My products are as green as you want them to be, if you’ll buy them! The environmentally friendly labels on some products are about as serious as this video.

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